FAQ: Selling to A Cash Home Buyer

Welcome to our ‘Frequently Asked Questions page. We get it; selling your home for cash can raise some questions, and we’re here to answer those questions!

Check out our list of common queries to find the answers you’re looking for. If you can’t find what you need, just give us a shout, and our awesome team will be happy to chat with you.

Whether you need to sell your house fast or need a little more time, we’re all about making your cash home selling experience smooth and stress-free. So, let’s get those questions answered and get you on your way to a hassle-free sale.

How do you know how much cash to offer on my house?

We know all about the local market and property values (We’ve been buying homes in Will County for over 10 years!). When we come up with your offer, we look at a few main things. First, We look at the price that similar houses have sold for recently.

Then, we estimate how much we will need to invest in repairing the house to get it in resaleable or rentable condition. Then, we account for our minimum profit goal. We use those factors to give you a fair offer that everyone will be happy with. Since we are using local market data as the basis for your offer, we are able to make sure your offer is fair. None of these amounts come out of thin air, and none of them are based on how fast you want to sell your house. Check out our how it works page for a more detailed look at how we buy your house for cash at market value.

Do you only buy houses?

We can buy your house, condo, or townhouse.

What towns or cities do you buy houses in?

We buy houses all around Will County, and nearby. Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville, Aurora, Woodridge, Oswego, Bolingbrook, and surrounding areas.

What if my house needs repairs?

That’s not a problem! We are experienced in buying homes that may need repairs or renovations. In fact, many of the homes we purchase need quite a bit of work.

Why do you buy ugly homes?

We buy all kinds of houses! We have a knack for updating houses to their full potential. We love buying houses and coming up with plans to make them beautiful. We understand that sometimes homeowners are unable or unwilling to make necessary repairs or updates (that can get pricey). So, you won’t need to worry about it when you work with us. We do those repairs after purchase.

I’m not sure when I want to sell. Can you be flexible?

Yes. That is the beauty of working with a professional home buyer. You’re the boss. We work on your timeline. You just tell us when you want to close, whether it’s 7 days from now, or 7 weeks from now.

What does an ‘all-cash’ offer mean?

It is like the ‘holy grail’ of home offers. An all-cash offer means that we have the funds available to purchase the property outright, without the need for financing. For you, this means a faster, smoother closing process, and no chance that the deal can fall through due to funding. With traditional offers, the buyer needs to find a lender and get approved. This is a finicky process, and the loan can be denied right up until the closing day. It has happened to people we know- and they had to start all over with a new buyer. what a nightmare! Our process makes sure you won’t be wasting your time like that.

How long does the process take?

The length of the process can vary depending on your specific situation and needs. However, we are often able to close on a property relatively quickly, often within a7 days or less. Or, we can close on your timeline if you need more time.

If I get an offer, do I have to accept it?

Not at all. You have nothing to lose when you get an offer from us. We meet with you to view your house, discuss options, and let you decide. It is a simple process in a judgment-free and relaxed conversation.

We Are Cash Home Buyers In Illinois

Sell My Home in a Day buys houses in Illinois. We are house cash buyers in IL. We can close fast, in as little as 7 days. We buy homes in cash, so we never need to wait on bank approvals and lender inspections. We buy as-is and we can close quickly.

We are the ones actually buying your house. This means there are no agent fees or commissions. We buy houses in all shapes, sizes, and conditions. Because we are not agents and we have absolutely no intention to list your house, there are no agent fees or commissions.

We are absolutely ready to buy your house right now and can close immediately!

Contact us and let us show you how easy it is to sell your home to us.

Selling your Illinois House To Us Has Some Benefits

The power behind Our cash offers is that we are dealing with our own money. No banks, no lenders, no third-party decision-makers, and thus no third-party delays. if we say we will buy your house, relax, take a load off because we will buy your house.